About M22

After my own successful basketball career, I decided to follow my dreams of training, coaching, and developing young athletes. M22 Basketball embodies everything I wished I had access to as a young player. After school, weekends, holidays, and summer vacations were all spent in any vacant gym I could find to work on my game. Now, I am bringing that work ethic to you. Our philosophy is broken down into three stages, each building on and growing to the next.


Commitment is the first step to success. Once you decide you want to play basketball and learn the game, our Skill Development Training will teach you everything you need to know- step by step. Commitment separates the starters from the bench, in basketball and in life.


Developing court IQ. Repetition, persistence, and a willingness to break bad habits and learn new ones. Carrying a strong work ethic to the court, League22 and Team22 both offer necessary opportunities to combine training + play.


Discovering and achieving your personal best is the greatest feeling in the world. It stems directly from a personal commitment to the game and a deep desire to thrive. We will be there building you up, every step of the way. Team22 AAU is our most competitive and advanced level of play. These spots are awarded to players who have been through our program, and are ready to elevate their game.